Who am I?

Born in a place where one falls
in love with the chipping paint of
the ceilings, the morning cigarette with
coffee, Fairuz on the radio, and the sound
of children playing in the streets —
encouraged me to pay attention to the
details of my surroundings. In the
beginning I didn’t know what graphic
design was, but I was told it’s
closest to my interests.
I’m glad I listened.

Today, I have an MFA in Design
Entrepreneurship from The School Of
Visual Arts and 8 years of experience
working in the field. Everyday, I wake
up with a motivation to explore,
create, and make a difference.

Do you want to collaborate
or work together? Email me
at diana.haj@gmail.com

Things I’m thinking about...

I’ve recently been introduced
to a book of Mad Libs (yeah I know!)
I’ve really enjoyed them and now I’m thinking
about making an Arabic version of them.
We don’t have those.

I’m currently taking a screen printing class
at SVA, so I’ve been thinking a lot about
what I’m printing next. My last print was
of 2 lunar samples taken from NASA, meshed
and altered in color.

Coming back from Cuba March 2018
I’ve seen beautiful art and spaces that
are different from what we’re used to.
I’m wondering about the role of the Internet
and social media in influencing and
shaping art, spaces,
and experiences..